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Curling coaches are community leaders who can inspire passion for sport and physical activity. They mentor young athletes to develop essential life skills, as well as help them realize their potential. Participating in coach education significantly increases a coach’s confidence in his/her abilities. Having trained coaches is one of the key factors that contributes to a quality sport experience.


The NWTCA is committed to ensuring coaching education meets curling centres’ and curlers’ needs and is best in class.


The Competition Coach stream is for coaches/volunteers that will work with teams participating in playdown events. The focus is working with developing competitive teams. Completion of the MED (Making Ethical Decision) module and an on-ice Evaluation is mandatory for certification.


Coaches are required to have Competition Coach Certification for NWT Junior Curling Championships. High performance junior teams may request the services of a Coaching Consultant.


The competition coach course prepares coaches to work with intermediate and competitive level athletes. This is a streamlined thoery and technical workshop offered over a weekend with a Learning Facilitator. It is recommended that you have previous coaching experience or are a former athlete, however there are no prerequisites for this course.

Coaches will learn about:

  • teaching and learning strategies, tactics, delivery & brushing skills

  • making ethical decisions

  • emergency action plans

  • skill analysis & drills to correct faults

  • practice planning

  • competition planning

The 4 steps towards full certification of Competition Coach are as follows:

  1. Competition Coach Course Training

  2. MED Training ** See Available options below

  3. Passing the online MED Evaluation

  4. Passing the on-ice Evaluation

On Ice Evaluation (after Competition Coach Course):

  • Trained Competition Coaches are evaluated by a Coach Evaluator while they lead a one hour on-ice practice with 4 athletes. The appropriate paperwork is to be submitted prior to the practice, and involves pre and post mentorship with the Coach Evaluator.

Making Ethical Decisions (MED):

  •  Please note that MED is required for obtaining competition coach certification.

  • Completion and passing the online Making Ethical Decisions module (test) through the Coaches Association of Canada (CAC) is a follow-up requirement.

  • The MED course can also be completed through online homestudy, via Sport North.

Email for more information


The Competition Development workshop is a comprehensive course that is designed to assist coaches in taking their teams to the next level of competitive play provincially, nationally, or internationally. The workshop encompasses planning, strategy, analysis and program management to better your team’s performance. It is recommended that coaches are working with teams that are “Training to Compete.”

  • Prerequisites: Coaches must be Competition Coach or Level 2 certified

  • Competition Development has replaced the previous Level 3 Technical.

Competition Development is the replacement to the Level 3 Certification program. It is a program that is administered and delivered by the Curling Canada with assistance from its Member Associations (NWTCA).


During this training coaches will learn:

  • Current Technical Skills

  • How to Analyze Technical and Tactical Performance

  • Performance Planning

  • Program Management

  • Advanced Strategy

  • Advanced Practice Planning

  • Prevention and Recovery (Integrated Multisport Module)

  • Developing Athletic Abilities (Integrated Multisport Module)

The program will take approximately 14 months to complete, as it requires writing, implementing, executing and debriefing an annual plan.


In addition to the annual plan portfolio, two observation evaluations (a practice and a competitive environment) must be completed. Coaches will need to complete the Competition Development Make Ethical Decision Online Evaluation, and will need to complete the four remaining competition development multisport modules:

  • Managing Conflict

  • Coaching and Leading Effectively

  • Psychology of Performance

  • Leading Drug Free Sport.

Email for more information

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