Residency for Men’s and Women’s Championships

Page will be updated in August 2021


The Northwest Territories Curling Association (NWTCA) has adopted Curling Canada’s Residency Policy for the 2015-2016 Curling Season.

NWT teams wishing to use a free agent must complete a Request for Inter-Provincial/Territorial Transfer form and return it to the NWTCA by December 20, 2015.  The remaining team members will have to complete the Consent to Join Curling Canada’s Whereabouts Program and provide the required documents. These two forms must be submitted together.

Players residing within the Northwest Territories and wishing to represent another province/territory must submit a Release Request form to the NWTCA no later than December 20, 2015.


The application process to access a free agent is a 5 step process.

Step 1  –   Submit application before the Deadline on December 20, 2015

Step 2 –  Teams will receive written confirmation that their application was received from the NWTCA office.  Incomplete applications will be returned to the team; teams will have 3 days make corrections to their application.  Failure to meet the deadlines of Step 1 or Step 2 will result in a denied application.

Step 3 –  NWTCA will verify that the Applicant is a member in good standing of the NWT club they wish to represent.

Step 4 –  NWTCA will notify the team once the application has been approved.

Step 5 –  NWTCA will notify Curling Canada of the teams use of a free agent and their participation in the ‘Whereabouts Program’.


Please contact the NWTCA office should you have any questions or concerns